UPDATE: The Search For La Ciudad Blanca

UPDATE: The Search For La Ciudad Blanca

Steve Elkins recently visited the staging area at Aquacate and the “lost city” site with a group of Honduran architects, engineers, military, and IHAH personnel.  Much progress is being made in preparation for the upcoming excavations starting in January.  In addition, the architects and engineers  were in the midst of surveying and drawing up plans for researcher housing, lab facilities, and a museum at Aquacate, as well as a proper field camp at the site in the jungle.


A brand new building at Aquacate just finished, with two more on the way:




Architects, engineers and technology personnel discussing design plans:




IHAH head Virgilio Paredes confers with military leaders at Aquacate:


IMG_1027 (1)


IHAH archeologist Ranferi Juarez relaxes while reading Doug Preston’s excellent National Geographic article about the project:


IMG_1023 (1)


Honduran helicopter pilots:

Helicopter v3


The original campsite as it looks now before a new research camp is built:


IMG_2237 (1)


Surveying for construction of the research camp:


The end of a great day.


IMG_2270 (2)