Honduran government sponsors Benenson site visit

Honduran government sponsors Benenson site visit

Throughout the month of January, a team of American and Honduran archaeologists began a systematic excavation of the cache discovered last February at the site originally identified during our lidar survey of 2012. Primary funding and logistical support was provided by the Honduran government, and supplemented by a grant from National Geographic.

Writer Doug Preston and our Steve Elkins traveled to Honduras as guests of the Honduran government to visit to the site, followed by a press conference with over 300 people at the Aquacate air force base and staging area for the project.

mid-distance shot of helicopter on tarmac
Leaving Tegucigalpa at dawn for the long helicopter ride to the jungle site.


looking out over helicopter pilot flying over Honduras
One of our fine Honduran helo pilots with a great sense of humor!


Landing at the site with (left to right) Virgilio Paredes, President Hernandez, Steve Elkins, Doug Preston, flanked by Honduran military personnel.


The excavation site cleared with a grid laid out and the beginning of the painstaking process of excavation.


The excavation site during the Presidential visit.


During the course of the month, well over 200 artifacts were excavated, including some exceptional pieces such as this stone bowl hewn from a solid block of basalt.


Doug Preston shaking hands with President Hernandez of Honduras

Doug Preston interviewing President Hernandez at the site.


09_Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 5.24.14 PM copyPresident Hernandez and Steve Elkins enjoying the moment.


10_IMG_1179 (1)

The Honduran locals are now calling the area Kaha Kamasa, which means Ciudad Blanca in the indigenous language.